Our Business Principles & Investment Philosophy

“The financial press is loaded with warnings from saddened investors who fell for one slick promise too many. Study their stories. Better an object lesson than a learning experience.”

From “Making the Most of Your Money” by Jane Bryant Quinn, financial columnist for the Washington Post.
Simon & Schuster 2009 p. 974


Farrell Financial LLC is a fiduciary. Our client’s interest always comes first


Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business. Farrell Financial will maintain the highest ethical standards in everything we do.


Farrell Financial takes great pride in the professional quality of our work and reputation.


We spend a great deal of time keeping up with the rapidly changing financial markets, constantly striving to anticipate the changings needs of our clients and to develop the customized solutions to meet those needs.


Farrell Financial will explain in detail the advantages of investment options and the risks.  In addition, we maintain a follow-up meeting schedule that is in accordance with our clients’ wishes.


We value the confidential nature of business relationships and handle personal information with utmost care.


We are professional and prepared. We use agendas and follow up. We may be casual in appearance but we are professional in action.


We are respectful. We understand that everyone is unique, with their own set of individual values and work style. We respect your time and priorities.


We are collaborative. We do not know everything. We understand that we have to work together with you and other advisors you have in order to optimize outcomes. Our belief is that collaboratively brainstorming creates better solutions.


We are caring. Throughout the time we work together, both pleasant and unpleasant things will happen. We care about you and how life events affect you..


We are honest and direct. Sometimes we have positive things to say. At other times, we make challenging points or lead discussions that may not feel great. Regardless, we will tell you what we think in the simplest or most understandable terms.


We will always be available to discuss your financial questions and provide another viewpoint, if appropriate.


Neil Farrell believes in approaching each client with a dedicated, thoughtful investment solution customized to meet the client’s financial goals.

In Neil’s experience, having help in taking an unemotional, rational, disciplined investment approach based on sound investing principles is the key to building long term wealth.

General Tenets

  • Keep it simple using a common sense approach
  • Investment discipline is a primary determinant of investor success
  • Importance of accountability
  • Employing risk management strategies (e.g. rebalancing, selective use of stop loss/limit orders)
  • Strategic allocation before tactical allocation
  • Keeping an eye on taxes
  • Historical investment returns may be an indicator of future returns
  • Investment rather than speculation
  • Allocation across asset classes (e.g. Stocks/Bonds/Cash)
  • Need for a long time horizon
  • Clearly explaining the exact cost of investment options and the exact fees
  • The client pays for financial services and advice


  • Broad-Based Diversification
  • Using Indexes/ETF’s for Diversification


  • Establishing a Personalized Investment Policy including instituting Investment Criteria and Investment Discipline
  • Setting Performance Benchmarks
  • Yearly Review Meetings, at least one in-person


  • Investment Grade Bonds
  • Laddering of Bonds
  • Consider the use of alternative investments (e.g. real estate, gold) as an additional means of diversification