What Sets Us Apart

Since its inception in May 2014, Farrell Financial has distinguished itself with its professionalism, strong client relationships and personalized service.

The Farrell Financial mission is to create and maintain wealth for its clients through the use of independent and unbiased recommendations, always putting the needs of the client first.

Our Goals 

1. Having a personalized and disciplined investment strategy in place that is based on sound investing principles

2. Having a review process in place to identify investment opportunities and risks

3. Ensuring that appropriate risk management strategies are being utilized

4. Ensuring that costs are reasonable and are clearly spelled out

5. Accountability - ensuring that clear performance measurement tools are in place

6. Ensure that clients’ record-keeping is simplified

“Instead of telling me what you’re offering, why don’t you ask me what I want? Ask me what makes me unhappy. Ask me what keeps me up at night. Ask me what part of my job I wish someone would take care of for me. It’s not about you. It’s about me. “

From “The Social Animal” by David Brooks, Random House, 2011 p.176


We believe that much of a true financial advisor’s value is helping to manage the behaviors necessary for clients to be financially healthy. 

It is said that the great majority of investors never achieve anything like index performance.  When investing, most investors chase performance, buying the “hot” sector, asset class, fund or strategy.

The tendency is to pile in or out of the market at the wrong time. As individuals become convinced that the short-term will be the long-term and the proverbial rustling in the bushes is a tiger about to pounce.  I have observed similar saving patterns, in that the great majority of people do not save early enough, often enough and they do not save consistently over time.  They save when it becomes an emergency.

These are usually behavioral and not knowledge issues.  For the most part, the people we meet know they should be behaving differently.  Barring an outside impetus (such as a behaviorally-savvy advisor or a crisis) their behavior and therefore their outcomes are not likely to change.  They may survive financially, but are less financially healthy than they could and should be.

Yes, we manage money, help you reach your savings and financial independence goals, and implement effective income and catastrophe protection plans.  These only truly matter when we identify what is driving you to behave the way you do, get to the core of what you care about, connect what matters to your money, and therefore create and most importantly, help you adhere to a comprehensive financial plan.

When we have done this, you will ignore or at least not change your direction the next time there is a rustling in the bushes.  If you start to panic (and this is common) you will call us first. 

We believe that one of our most valuable roles is to help you plan and stick to your plan.

We are then, in our view, providing useful and valuable financial advice.


What our clients tell us is that our focus is different.

Our focus is on your well-being and your wealth.  Everything we do is structured about what you care about, both emotionally and financially. 


We take the time to help you get organized.  You will know where all the parts are and get a clear picture of your current situation.


The analysis and reporting we provide will show you how what you own and what you are doing and earning are advancing you towards your life goals.


The recommendations we provide will tell you exactly what needs to change – and what does not – to improve your results.


We provide regular reports on your progress and on the performance and productivity of your financial assets and incomes so that you know where you are and where you are most likely to end up.

It’s not just the money – it’s helping you do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, without worry.


Based on feedback we hear most often from our clients, here are some of the ways that working with us can benefit you:

  • Save You Time
  • Take Action that Benefits You
  • Make Better Tradeoffs/Decisions
  • Feel Safe and Confident
  • Clarity
  • Receive Both Encouragement and Honest Feedback