A Note from our Founder,
Neil Farrell

IN 1908, my great grandfather started Frank Farrell & Sons Dairy, which remained in business until 1988. From the experience of a family business, I developed an entrepreneurial spirit, and throughout my financial advisory career I have prided myself on my independence. After working at some of the largest financial services firms in the world, I pursued my lifelong goal of establishing my own practice.

In May 2014, Farrell Financial, LLC was founded with the simple goal of helping our clients manage their funds wisely in a professional setting and in a manner consistent with my values and common sense investment tenets.

With Farrell Financial, LLC, I have a chance to institutionalize the ethics, best business practices, and professionalism to which we have always tried to adhere. More importantly, our own practice offers us the opportunity to offer our clients the type of service they deserve: professional management, world-class technology, and transparency, at a reasonable price.

Neil Farrell
Founder, Farrell Financial LLC

"High returns are leg-shackled to high risks; you should never put all your eggs in one basket; you should never invest in something you cannot understand. Stay the course. Live within your means. Reduce your debt. Have a plan. Keep saving and investing."

-Neil Farrell, Investments Tenets